Award Winning Technology

The advantages of silver

The medical industry uses silver in wound dressings, creams and antibiotic coating on medical devices. Enjoy the natural hygienic benefits of silver with you new Neoluxe mattress.

Wake up happier and healthier.


Silverline uses a genuine silver fibre yarn to guarantee a natural antimicrobial function. Silverline also discharges static electricity absorbed by the human body during the day, promoting a deeper and more relaxing sleep.


Made and tested in Italy, Silverform is cerfitfied in both Okeo-Tex and CertiPUR. It’s silver content has natural Anti-Micrbial properties that inhibit the growth of bad bacteria.

Silver form is an innovative new technology boasting amazing pressure relief for overall body comfort. Silverform, where innovation meets luxury.


Silverline Surface Fabric

SilverLine genuine silver fibre yarn to guarantee a natural antibacterial function of freshness and hygiene as well as anti-static properties.


Breathable Luxury Quilt Layer

Combination of Hypersoft Foam and Quiltec comfort technology for luxury breathability.


Italian Silver form Comfort

Italian made high performance comfort foam infused with genuine silver particles for antimicrobial health.


HD Progressive Comfort Technology

Multi-Layer premium HD comfort foams provide a smooth transition in feel offering a perfectly balanced sleep.


12 Zone Sleep System

Unique dual coil system provides targeted support for the ultimate tailored sleeping experience.


Complete edge to edge Support

With it’s ultra-durable construction, EdgeBoost robust wall encasement provides a 100% sleeping surface.